Human Resources

We wish to raise successful employees for our company and country and give opportunities to talented persons where they can keep on their individual developments as well as show their talents by providing them with a knowledge-based efficient working environment of mutual respect and trust.


All our employees should be aware of the positive and negative outcomes of what they do, that the activities would impact not only on the employee himself/herself or the company but also on the country economy and living standards.

There is no doubt that the most important aspect for creating a peaceful working environment is to establish mutual trust

The only way for people with team spirit and solidarity to work together efficiently lies within a high participation and sharing rate.

Have the courage to make offers, being aware that his/her offers might lead the way for other offers and methods

Always thinking one step ahead, providing solutions and having a global point of view

Being open to suggestions and complaints of his/her colleagues and customers.

Producing maximum efficiency by using time a fast and economical manner, which is the value with the highest cost today

Willing to know the before and after of one's job, and being open to the limitlessness of all kinds of research, development, training and education in this regard