Your New Success Experience Trust on Textil.


Aka Group has been serving Turkey since the 1960s when industry and trade began developing. We have been moving forward consistently, thanks to our one thousand employees and our investments on the fields of thread, knit, painting, construction and education. Now the changing market and competition conditions are constantly reshaping with the development in communication technologies.

It seems that both the competition and the opportunities would keep on growing. Turkey is located in a geography which is very instable in terms of economics, politics and culture, but which also harbors lots of great opportunities. As Aka Group, we'd like to be a part of this competition. We positioned Aka Group as to work globally with the concept of total quality management in this era where the world becomes smaller in terms of economics and politics.

We made ourselves known in the world's textile industry, thanks to our international business partners. We will now expand to neighboring countries with our investments on education and construction industry which contributes the biggest added value to economy. We, with all our employees, are committed to do our part for the future of our country and nation. We believe wholeheartedly that a bright future lies ahead for our bright group and Turkey.